Four Square Question Boxes

You know those techniques you use in teaching that cut right through the basic understanding and engage students at an analytical level? The ones that make you feel like a ninja teacher? Neither did I until I found this astounding piece. It was originally designed by a group of three teachers Mehjabeen Datoo, Leyton Schnellert, and Krista Edigar and can be found on page 92 of Faye Brownlie’s “It’s All About Thinking”. I have augmented in some ways, and it is always nice to see something in its original form. I have put the blackline master as the first page, with the lesson to follow, and a short list of methods to use it last. Please ask any questions you need to. Enjoy this!

I have a question
I have a question

For student exemplars of four square question boxes, look at exemplars in my ““Indian Horse”  lesson plan. It takes a while to open as it is images, but it is worth the wait.


4 Square Question Box

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